Ancient Stone Carvings from Egypt

This stone carving is from Egypt and even by conventional dating techniques is over 5,500 years old. Having said that, I would like you to have a look at the carvings carefully. Don’t these resemble something like our modern day vehicles, such as helicopters, aircraft and so on? Now my question is how did ancient Egyptians get a knowledge of these flight capable designs. What was the source of their information?


2 comments on “Ancient Stone Carvings from Egypt”

  1. Makes you wonder if Egyptians had the ability to see into the future – not some goofy magical trick, but a real ability beyond what we consider psychic. The helicopter looks like a Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane. The object to the right of it looks like a modern yacht. The item beneath the yacht looks kind of like a personal submarine. This might make sense as the natural animals to the left of all of this depict flight as well as underwater species (looks like a wasp and a type of eel). These would act as descriptors for something that the artist would have a hard time describing with just a representation of the object itself (especially if the object is of some future technology). Just my thoughts.

    • These are everywhere unquestionable evidences that keep asking us have we forgotten a considerable part of our past? Are we a species with Amnesia? And they are strewn all over the planet writings, paintings, megaliths and we just get settled with a sanitised view of our past.

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