Moai of Easter Islands

By: subharanjangupta

Aug 21 2011

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Category: Ancient Stone Carvings

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Focal Length:5.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:FinePix F470

There are over 600 such stone structures spread across the Easter Islands. These figures are called MOAI. The stone is so hard that repeated hammering with steel chisel hardly scratches it. Many of these stand 65 feet high and weigh nearly 400 tones. Most of the sculptures are partly exposed, and a dedicated excavation work will reveal their true size. The figures are all the same unusual type of humans with haughty expression in their faces, as if passed from the same mould. The statues that were carved out were also carried out to distances of over 12 miles. There were no army of slaves for labourers, no wood for rollers, and there are no evidences of these being dragged across the island terrain. Yet these colossal statues are scattered all across the island.How were they created? How were they moved? We are yet to find a convincing answers to these questions. What we know today is a sterilized view of the facts made to fit modern day ‘scientific’ viewpoint.


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