Mysterious Pyramids of Egypt

Built over a period of 22 years around 2560 BC, but according to the ancient to the Ancient Alien Theorists, those numbers just do not form a logical coherence. Because for it to be built in 22 year period, you have to cut, polish and put to place one stone every 9 seconds. It has been confirmed by modern day engineers with all their equipment, that it cannot be completed in 22 years. There have been various schools of thought when it comes to how the pyramids were built. Some of these include extraterrestrial visitation, antigravity, levitating the blocks using sound system, thousands of laborers pulling the stones with ropes and so forth. So how was it built in 22 years time with all the for corners aligned to true north South East and West. According to Robert Bouval, an engineer himself and a prominent Ancient Alien Theorist, “building a pyramid is something, but building a pyramid of this magnitude and precision requires knowledge and technical abilities of a completely different level”.


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