Sego Canyon, Utah – A possible UFO?

Another one from Sego Canyon, Utah, shows our hunter gatherer forefathers, with animals, leading their daily lives. Look at the disk like object in the center, and it seems to be emitting light. According to conventional school of thought, it depicts the sun. Well, I beg to differ. Its too disproportionately big to be the sun. Look at the animal (perhaps a mule or a donkey) shown in perfect proportion to man, so primitive man could depict size proportions properly. Secondly, to depict the sun they would not have used two concentric circles. So what could it be? By my estimation, its a first hand depiction of a UFO encounter.


2 comments on “Sego Canyon, Utah – A possible UFO?”

  1. I never thought of it that way, well put!

  2. maybe it is native american head dressing like a dead animal horn on there head

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