Ancient Cave Painting – Sego Canyon, Utah

Look at this, this is an ancient cave painting , from about 5,000 BC. But what are these creatures? Giants? Demons? Or does it depict someone or something rising up form the air. Because you can see human figures at the right there are four of them, and in between them you see another one rising up form the surface of the earth. The human figures are clearly looking upwards, look at the first two human figures their upper torso is clearly bent backwards indicating that they are looking upwards, you can almost sense the astonishment in the humans who are witnessing this bizarre event. But what are these creatures? How are they rising from the ground? What are their powers? Again, like the figures that we see at Sego Canyon, these do not have visibly distinguishable limbs.


7 comments on “Ancient Cave Painting – Sego Canyon, Utah”

  1. the biggest so called being may not even be that the head is more rounded and it looks to me like a ship with exhaust of some sort billowing out into four disintegrating trails…

  2. wow, are there any more like this? as this is very facinating and the lore is very interesting (not sure what lore yet, possible demon). I’d imagin they’d draw what they saw too, and not make it up (idk) but thankyou for this. 🙂

  3. That’s fucking Slender Man.

  4. Holy crap.. Slendy! :$ I thinkkkk

  5. I think it could be depicting their shadows, if they had lit a fire in the cave they would have seen their shadows on the walls all over them, probably scared the shizz out of them too!

  6. I have this painting as a tattoo on my back. This is an excerpt from a transcript of my conversation with a non-physical personality/Spirit/Ghost in which I asked him (Elias) about the meaning behind this particular painting. Enjoy!:

    “A: The two men and two women and the symbol in between them. What is that particular symbol and why is it two men, two women, very equal? What are these characters and what is this big guy representing? In my impression it is “God” at that linear time point. “Bigger than” or “more than.” The expression of “more than.”

    Elias: Correct.

    A: Why is it important that it’s two men and two women with this thing in the middle?

    Elias: First of all it is an expression of balance. And also it is an expression of diversity. One man and one woman is narrow and only incorporates so many possibilities. Two men and two women incorporates that aspect of diversity and therefore there are endless possibilities.

    A: And that little symbol is symbolizing the possibility…the probability…the..

    Elias: The Spark. Impetus.”

  7. Also, Elias had this to say about primitive cave paintings in general: “These individuals held no less intelligence and ability than do you. Their expressions within creativity of paintings may seem to be primitive and limited, but within an understanding of the activity which was occurring within these individuals, it was unnecessary to be occupying time frameworks with elaborate paintings of experience, for the experience was more important. Therefore, you may view this in like manner to shorthand!

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