King Pakal’s Sarcophagus

King Pakal’s sarcophagus, since then has become an example of classic Mayan Art form. According to the mainstream view, the sarcophagus shows King Pakal descending to the Mayan underworld. However the Ancient Alien view is very different from that. The sarcophagus shows king Pakal seated in a capsule, his left hand is on a control device, like a joystick, his right hand is setting some ‘switches’, his right foot is on a pedal and his left foot is shown administering some controls. Outside the capsule there is a blazing flame (not shown in the image above). If we look at the way our astronauts look during a blast off, there are definite similarities. So this leaves us with one question – whether this is just a symbolic artifact depicting something or whether this is an illustration of primitive man trying to show, with his limited understanding, what was taking place. Was king Pakal just a king that people liked and worshipped or was he an important being from some far away planet? But King Pakal and his sarcophagus, was not the only intriguing mystery in the Mayan civilization.


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