Mysterious Stones of Ica

One of the world’s greatest mysteries is what has become known as the Ica Stones. They are found in caves, tombs, and other places throughout Peru. Thousands of these stones have found their way to the city of Ica, Peru. Some can be found in the Ica Regional Museum, but most are in the hands of private collectors. These stones are thought to have been made between 500 B.C. and 1200 A.D. by the Ica culture. The stones are covered with carvings showing dinosaurs and man living together, telescopes, surgery, and other advanced technology. The stones also show animals which were not supposed to have evolved until after the dinosaurs became extinct. Here are the explanations to the photos above. The poor quality, however is regretted.

A) A man looking through a telescope – whereas we know telescopes was invented in 17th century in Netherlands
B) & C) Continents and maps of the world, showing places and continents right as they would look from space. Also they show us landmasses that do not exist today, like the land bridge between India and Madagascar.
D) A man performing Brain/ Skull Surgery. A brain surgry in 900 BC. (Hippocrates stated in the oath (c. 400 BC) that general physicians must never practice surgery and that surgical procedures are to be conducted by specialists.)
E) A Cardiac Surgery in action (look at the detail with which the heart is shown)
F) A ancient Ica man using a magnifying glass, when were lenses invented, around 16th Century again, right?
G) Various forms of Dianosaurs, in co-existence with man – we all know there is a gap of a few million years between the existence of Dinosaurs and man. Moreover if there were few million years of gap, then how did primitive man know about an existence of such a creature. Was there a knowledge transfer? If yes then by whom?
H) A strange looking creature (doesnt look like a humanoid)


One comment on “Mysterious Stones of Ica”

  1. Wow, B is insane! Do you know what the carbon dating of that particular piece is?

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