Pre Historic Cave Paintings from Algeria


These prehistoric cave paintings are older then 6000 BC and are from the caves of Algeria. Look at the figures depicted, carefully. There are so many anomalies here. Firstly, they look too modern and advanced to be from 6000 BC. Secondly the figures are wearing dress/suit that is more reminiscent  of modern day outfit more precisely a combat uniform or space suit. They are carrying some weapons in their hands and shown wearing very high boots. And this cannot be primitive man from 600 BC, weren’t they hunter gatherers back then, with limited IQ? And from the position of the figures it seems as though they are looking for something in the ground, perhaps GOLD. And we know that Annunakis were around the same area, at the same time, looking for Gold. So could these paintings well be the first hand evidences of Annunakis analyzing and sampling the earth soil for Gold?


6 comments on “Pre Historic Cave Paintings from Algeria”

  1. Magnificent collection. Hats off!!!!

  2. Too much imagination. And those arent boots, its a leg adorn, you can see they are barefoot.

  3. A lot of writings with Tifinagh are in a lot of caves in Tassili N’jjer. Messages transmitted from aliens were engraved on stones. ( Tifinagh is the oldest language on earth still spoken and written until nowadays by the Amazigh people from north of Africa from Siwa(Egypt) to Canarie Islands ” Kingdom of Numidia”

  4. At first glance they remind me of photos we have seen of native tribes in Africa, perhaps performing tribal dance.

  5. This group of figures reminds me very much of African dancers, wearing decorative leggings of some sort, with bare feet. How are we to know what resources humans actually had access to 600 or 6000 years before Christ? The artistry is remarkable, at any rate. Thank you for posting all of the photos on this site!

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