The Mayan Calendar

By: subharanjangupta

Aug 24 2011

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Category: Ancient Stone Carvings, Ancient Technology, Megalithic Structures


Focal Length:20mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS D30

Why were the Mayans so occupied with the stars? What’s the secret of their deep knowledge of astronomy? How did the civilization make such a precise calendar, that’s better off than the ones that we used today? The Mayan Calendar does without the leap year. According to the Ancient Alien Hypothesis, the knowledge of Astronomy and the positioning of stars were imparted to the Mayans form higher beings. Who perhaps came from outer space? It’s also possible that the civilization itself was alien in nature. Because the Mayan civilization ‘vanished’ almost overnight, with no trace of war, plague or any other natural or man made calamity that could be attributed to the disappearance of such a thriving and technologically advanced civilization. Mainstream scholarship has not been able to provide any possible reason for this disappearance. However the Ancient Alien theorists uphold the theory that the Mayans were an extraterrestrial race and they literally left out planet.


2 comments on “The Mayan Calendar”

  1. This is the Aztec Calendar, no the Maya calendar.

  2. That is not a Mayan Calendar, that one is the Aztec Calendar found in Mexico City while they were making a new subway line in the 90’s

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