The Phaistos Disk

By: Sūbhårånjån Gūptå

Oct 02 2011

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Category: Ancient Stone Carvings, Ancient Technology, Ancient Texts and Documents


Focal Length:7.8mm

The disc of Phaistos is the most important example of hieroglyphic inscription from Crete and was discovered in 1903 in a small room near the depositories of the “archive chamber”, in the north – east apartments of the palace, together with a Linear A tablet and pottery dated to the beginning of the Neo-palatial period (1700- 1600 B.C.).

The exact location of Phaistos was first determined in the middle of the 19th century by the British admiral Spratt, while the archaeological investigation of the palace started in 1884 by the Italians F. Halbherr and A. Taramelli.

3 comments on “The Phaistos Disk”

  1. That one you should really be a lot more specific on. How is the Phaistos Disk a case for “higher intelligence” when it is a pictographic writing system, just like dozens of other contemporary and older cultures had by that time?

    The most curious part about it is not that it is hieroglyphic or even that it hasn’t been translated, but merely that it it’s the only example of this script that has been found.

    As advanced as the Minoans were for their time, there is absolutely no reason to associate this with anything beyond a Bronze Age culture. How is this possibly a sign of ancient alien intervention?

  2. it looks like a game played with dices to go from the exterior flower drawing to the outside to t
    he flower inside

  3. I thiink the disks may have been a game board of some kind. That would be why they don’t match any hieroglyphs and repeat. If only they had found some dice nearby. What is a linear A?

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